Why post production matters

Q & A Wedding Photographer

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about post-production. You may have heard that for photographers and for Wedding Photographers post-production is a big part of the job. There’s a lot of time after the wedding spent editing the pictures and processing them in the way that the photographer likes. The post-processing is one of the ways that the photographer can put a stamp on their style; every photographers going to have a little bit of a different approach and style to the post-production and how they edit the photos.

The editing and post-production involves cropping, colour correcting, sometimes you can add a bit of a vignette around the sides of the pictures and everyone is going to have a different style and a different way of doing this. For me I like my post-processing to be and to look as natural as possible. I don’t want it to look heavily Photoshopped or heavily edited or to just not look like a real natural picture. With that said I definitely like to crop and use some colour corrections and I want the photo to look enhanced in a way that, it looks great but it also looks natural. So it’s an important part of the photography process is the post-processing and something that you should be considering and looking at when you’re looking at different photographers is to see what is their style and does it suit your style.