Why are Wedding Photographers so Expensive?

Q & A Wedding Photographer

People are often curious and ask why are wedding photographers so expensive and I think the biggest thing that you are paying for when you hire a professional photographers is the experience that they have at shooting a lot of weddings and I thought a little story or an analogy that helps to explain a little bit more of what you’re paying for.

So there’s a man and his wife and they went to Spain on a vacation and by chance they happen to come across Picasso and the man thought what a great opportunity to get a painting of my wife done by this world famous painter. So he asked Picasso if he wouldn’t mind doing a painting of his wife. So Picasso said no problem and he told the man why don’t you come back in six hours and I’ll have this beautiful portrait finished. So the man went off and explored for a little bit and he came back six hours later and Picasso was just finishing up the final touches of the portrait of his wife and it just looked amazing. He was so happy and impressed. When he finished up and he asked Picasso, you know, what’s the cost and Picasso looked at him and said its $30,000. The man was little bit taken aback, wow, $30,000 but it’s a beautiful painting and it’s done by this famous painter so he didn’t question it too much and as he was writing the cheque he joked with Picasso a little bit that wow, it must be nice to make $30,000 for six hours of work and Picasso replied to him that he wasn’t paying Picasso for the six hours that it took him to paint his wife, he said you’re paying me for the years and years, a lifetime of experience and practice and training that I’ve got so I’ve developed the ability that I can paint the beautiful portrait of your wife in only six hours.

I think that’s the same for wedding photographers is when you hire a professional, someone who has a lot of experience a lot of what you’re paying for is that experience and it’s the confidence that you can have knowing that you’re going to have great photos in the end and you can just be yourself and not have to worry about it and trust and know that the photos are going to be fantastic.