When will we receive our photos?

Q & A Wedding Photographer
When will we receive our photos?

One of the questions that couples should be asking their potential photographer is when will they will receive their photos. There are a lot of photographers who, it’ll take maybe four to six months for them, for the couple to receive their photos and for me personally that would be unacceptable. I don’t want to have to wait four to six months to see my photos; even to wait two months to see the photos feels like a stretch to me. So for my clients I tell them that I’ll have their photos ready within three weeks after the wedding and for me allows enough time for me to really properly go through the images, to crop them, colour correct them, fix them up in a way that I need to fix them up to make them look excellent and it allows me time during the summer I’ll be shooting a wedding almost every weekend so the editing does start to add up so allowing myself three weeks, gives me enough time to really properly go through the images but not have the couple waiting months and months for their photos.

So this is a question and something you should consider. For me it’s an important variable and to be able to offer my clients their photos three weeks after their wedding feels like something that I’m proud of and I think is wonderful for the clients.