What programs do you use to edit your photos?

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What programs do you use to edit your photos?

Lately I’ve been noticing that a lot of my clients and potential clients are either hobby photographers themselves or people who just really love photography and they’re often asking me and are curious as to what my post processing workflow is like.

What do I do with all these photos after taking them? So for me I’ll take thousands of photos on the day and then I’ll come home and I’ll import them into a program called Photo Mechanic and this is an excellent program that specializes in just sorting through the photos. It’s a real time saver and an efficient way to sort through thousands of photos. I’ll then choose about five to seven hundred photos from the day which are you know, the best photos that really tell the story of the day and then I’ll import those into a program called Light Room.

Light Room is made by the same people who make Photoshop and is an excellent program for photographers to edit the images, to crop them, colour correct them, you can remove small blemishes; about 95% of the work that I need to do on an image I can do in Light Room and if necessary I can then take some photos into Photoshop and do some really detailed corrections on them but for the most part Light Room is an excellent program where I can do 95% of my work.

As many people know the post production is quite a time consuming process and where a lot of the work behind the scenes comes for the photographers so having an efficient workflow is important for a photographer and something that I have developed over ten years of experience and I’m happy to share with my clients that are interested.