Other Ways I Offer Value to Clients

Q & A Wedding Photographer
What other ways do you offer value to clients?

One of the ways that I’m able to offer more value and assistance as a photographer is before the wedding even from the minute that someone hires me I’m able to offer value to them. One of the ways I can do this is by helping to find vendors, I’ve got a lot of great contacts in the industry from wedding planners to florists, to hair and makeup, DJ’s, I’ve helped people I’ve worked with many times who I know and trust and I’m able to offer those as recommendations to my clients. I’m also able to help them with a timeline. I know from my own experience of planning my own wedding that creating a good timeline makes sense where you have enough time for everything, where you don’t have too much time wasted. It’s really important and it helps the day to flow smoothly so particularly for the photography aspect of things I’m able to offer help creating a timeline and a timeline that makes sense. So these are some of the ways that as a photographer I’m able to offer more value to my clients.