What Do Your Wedding Books Look Like?

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What Do Your Wedding Books Look Like?

This is an example of one of the wedding books that I offer for my clients. These books come in a variety of sizes. This book here is a 10×10 and this is the hard cover protective case that the book comes in and then the book you can see it inside. Here is the book and this is a 10×10 size has got about 30 pages in it but the books can vary quite a bit inside depending upon how many pages you need. I found that 30 pages for me is a standard size and it’s perfect for a wedding.

The book , the way that the images are chosen for the book, the couple generally would choose whichever images you guys want, the book will hold anywhere from about 85 up to 150 photos. So depending upon what photos you choose, you know, starting at the beginning of the day and flowing through to the reception. I’ll take those photos that you have chosen and I’ll lay the book out in a way that it makes sense and it flows throughout the day, you know starting at the beginning of the day and moving through to the end of the night and the book is laid out, it’s custom designed, using the images you’ve chosen and I think it’s a really important keepsake especially in this day and age with so many pictures on our computers and on our phones, it’s important I think to take these photos, the best photos from your wedding and create a book. It’s something that you can show family and friends and you can have it on your coffee table and you know just help you relive the experience and kind of have those memories down in a book.

So this is something I offer to my clients, I think it’s a great idea and I hope that everyone who hires me will make a book. I think it’s very worthwhile and something you should consider.