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When I photograph weddings I try to be aware of my senses as much as possible. This allows me to be in touch with what’s going on around me and to follow my instincts. It allows me to feel what is happening around me and to be aware of the subtle qualities and interactions of the individuals I am photographing. By following my instincts and being in touch with these subtle qualities I am able to capture the genuine moments of chemistry as they happen. When you take photos in this way the images are always unique, personal and something no one else can copy”


Rebecca & Jeff Vancouver Island Wedding

“As a photographer myself, I placed a major emphasis on the photography of our wedding. We wanted all of the beautiful and spontaneous moments to be documented, all of the moments that we couldn’t see ourselves. There was no question for us that Josh was the photographer that we wanted at our wedding. Josh has an amazing and natural ability to capture moments, and to document them in a way that is artistic, beautiful and natural. Josh is a professional, and at the same time he is so easy-going and relaxed; we felt so comfortable around him, as did all of our family and friends. We are so grateful for all of his amazing work, his intuitive personality, and the amazing images he captured.

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