Tips for getting great engagement photos

A couple of tips on how to get the best engagement photos. One of the questions that I hear a lot is what should we wear to for the pictures? My answer is always whatever you feel comfortable in works the best. Some people want to dress up a little bit; maybe the guy wants to wear a nice suit and the woman wear a nice dress or whatever, while other people want to go more casual with some nice jeans and a shirt. For me it’s whatever you feel most comfortable in. You’re going to look the best in the photos if you feel comfortable, so that’s what I would recommend. I also recommend choosing a location that you feel comfortable in, that suits you, that you know, and that you’ll be happy to move around in. Vancouver has a lot to offer, in fact the whole lower mainland has some great locations. Even going up to the mountains is an option. Finding a location that you’re comfortable in is helpful as well.

And then one last tip that can work for some people is for the woman to get her hair and makeup trial done on the same day as the engagement photos. This allows you a chance to see what your hair and makeup looks like in the photos, which can be a helpful tip. If you can coordinate the timing for that, it might be worthwhile to do. Otherwise the best way to get great photos and the only thing I ever recommend is for couples to be themselves, have fun, enjoy each other’s company and leave it up to me to get great photos.