Photographing the Proposal

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Photographing the Proposal

This video is for all of the grooms to be. If you are planning on getting engaged and proposing to your girlfriend sometime soon I highly recommend contacting a photographer, I would love if I was that photographer to document your proposal. I have a few friends and a few clients who have hired professional photographers to document the proposal and those photos for them are equally as valuable as the wedding photos that they will eventually have. I know also from my own experience because I managed to set up a tripod without my fiancé knowing and I documented our proposal and for me those photos are invaluable and photos that I will cherish just as much as I’ll cherish the wedding photos.

So if you’re considering getting engaged I highly recommend contacting a professional photographer and having someone lurking in the woods or whatever it might be to take some photos of that proposal process. It’s such an exciting time in life and they’re photos that I think you’ll really value having.