Photographing in Dark Spaces

Q & A Wedding Photographer

Some couples will have concerns about their reception venue and how dark it is or perhaps the church and how dark it is and they’ll wonder what I can do or how they’ll get great photos at that time. For me there’s a few things that make it possible for me to get great photos even in darker situations.
The first is a top of the line camera and top of the line lenses that are able to handle low light situations and still get great photos. I also have a top of the line flash that I use with my camera and lenses, so between these variables of my equipment and also the technical expertise of how to use the camera and how to get the most out of it.

For me, even shooting in extremely dark spaces is OK and I’m able to get great photos in those situations. So for me it’s not a concern, obviously the more light and a more natural light the better but I’m comfortable shooting in darker churches or darker reception areas and getting great photos because I have top of the line gear and the expertise on how to use that gear.