Jericho Beach Engagement Photos

Peter and Jen decided on engagement photos at Jericho Beach. They brought their dog along for the ride and the four of us enjoyed an hour of sunshine, exploring the area. Peter and Jen mentioned that they were “un-photogenic” and didn’t really like having their photo taken. This is a really common thing for people to say, myself included, but as is often the case those feelings went away very quickly. I always tell my couples that all I need from them is to enjoy each others company; I can do the rest.

Peter and Jen certainly enjoyed each others company and between the three of us we got a great mix of relaxed portraits and fun candid photos. After our time together Peter and Jen planned on taking the dog for a walk in the Endowment Lands near UBC, so I decided to join them for a few minutes, to get a couple of last shots. All in all it was a great session where we got a lot of beautiful photos! It also left all of us excited and looking forward to the wedding!