Our Process

Our Process

Let Us Capture Your Life's Memorable Moments

You put a lot of trust in your wedding photographer.  We take our our role seriously.  We are with you while you are getting ready with your family, and sharing intimate moments and inside jokes.  We are standing nearby as you share your first kiss as husband and wife.  We are there through the overwhelming moments, through the tears of joy, and the moments of each embrace with loved ones. We are there for your first dance and for those spontaneous moments that weren’t on the timeline.

It is essential that you feel a connection with your photographer.  You need a photographer that can be a friend to you on your wedding day, a professional who takes control when needed, and an individual who knows how to, at times, fade into the background.

You need a personal photographer. You need YOUR photographer!


Our Approach

We believe the best photos come from the uncontrived moments.  We allow the day to unfold naturally and capture the memorable moments as they happen.  We will not ask you or your guests to do any cheesy or awkward poses!  We are not there to take over and be the star of the show.  We are there to tell the story of your wedding day, much like a photojournalist would document an important event.  We are taking each photo with the purpose of telling the story of your day.

We will help you pause, take a deep breath, and take it all in.  It is our job to produce beautiful images of your wedding day and your job to give in to the moment and celebrate.

"I have photographed over 100 weddings and while I take an unobtrusive and documentary approach, I have learned when to step in and slow couples down.  The day can go by quickly and subtle, important moments can easily go unnoticed.  I remind couples to soak in these moments.  Moments like the feeling just before seeing each other for the first time, the smell in the air or the view of the surroundings just before the ceremony begins, the sounds of laughter and the chatter of guests celebrating at the reception, and the beautiful light of a setting sun at the end of the evening."

“It is the candid moments, when the couple or the guest is unsuspecting of a photo, that I like best.  These moments best capture the feeling of the day, and the real emotion and joy that was felt.  I want to create images that not only document the day, the details, and the people, but also make the viewer feel like they were there in the moment.”

Here's What to Expect:

We Meet

At our initial meeting we will walk you through our process, and take the time to hear about your wedding and what you have envisioned for the day.  We have a detailed checklist that we use to record all of the essential details. 

We make our booking process easy, so that you can cross another item off your to-do list.  We require a $1,500 deposit to secure the date and have a contract that summarizes your package.

We Plan & Prepare

We offer a very hands-on approach to photography and will work closely with you and your wedding planner to put together a perfect schedule of photography.  Before your wedding we walk you through our 4-step process, to ensure we are prepared.  We have a pre-wedding document that helps us understand what is most important to you, which guests are most important to you, and also offers some of our best tips so you can feel relaxed on your wedding day.  We scout locations and plan our route, to ensure the best photos are taken in the allotted time.

We Celebrate Your Wedding

You enjoy the fruits of your endless planning and hard work!  We will find the best angles, light, and take hundreds of amazing photos which capture the feeling of the day and all the joy that was experienced.  We will take care of capturing your memories from start to finish so that you can enjoy and relax knowing you will have exceptional photos to remember the day.

We Craft

After the wedding we will select the best photos, and retouch them in our signature style to ensure quality and consistency throughout.  The result is between 500-700 carefully crafted and individually retouched images.  Your photos will be delivered in high resolution, within 3 weeks of your wedding.  We also make it easy for you to share your images with friends and family by providing a password protected online gallery, a blog post, and posts through social media.  You can easily share the online galleries with whomever you choose.

We Preserve

Creating a book is one of the most important parts of the process.  We will have perfected your images and now is the time to choose which ones you want in your book.  We have a variety of books to choose from, all of which are built to last so that you can flip through them for years to come.  We believe your images should live in the pages of a wedding book, not on a USB stick in your office drawer!


"As a wedding photographer I have front row seats to the best moments of your wedding day.  I don’t take that role lightly; I see it as a privilege and an opportunity."