I believe the best photos come from those unplanned moments when no one is expecting a photo to be taken.  I allow the day to unfold naturally and capture the memorable moments as they occur.  I am attentive to the vision and style of each couple, able to follow their lead but willing to offer direction and guidance as needed.  I take each photo with the purpose of telling the story of your day, much like a photojournalist would document an important event.

It is my job to produce beautiful images of your wedding day, so you can simply enjoy each moment and celebrate.

“The events of a wedding can pass quickly.  I remind couples to soak in every moment; moments like seeing each other for the first time, the view of the surroundings just before the ceremony begins, the sounds of laughter and the chatter of guests celebrating at the reception, and the beautiful light of a setting sun at the end of the evening.”