Pinnacle Hotel Lonsdale Quay Wedding

Jeff and Cindy started their day at the beautiful Shangri-La hotel in downtown Vancouver. Cindy was so excited, yet calm, as she got ready with a few close friends and family at her side. Cindy and Jeff are both light hearted, easy-going people that seem to always have a smile on their face. Their radiant smiles are seen in the photos throughout the day!

As the girls were getting ready, I walked over to join the guys for a coffee at a nearby Starbucks. While there Jeff shared some laughs with his groomsmen and also opened a last pre-wedding love letter from Cindy. Jeff had also written one for Cindy, which she opened just before leaving for the ceremony.

From the Shangri-La the girls walked down the street to the Coastal Church. The rain had started to come down, but Cindy was un-phased as she walked to her ceremony. The ceremony featured a really fun slideshow of the couple, as well as a hilarious interview with both of them as they talked about preparing for the wedding, some of their early dates together, what they loved most about each other, and what drives them crazy from time to time. It was very clever and a great start to the event.

After the ceremony we took some family photos, as the rain drizzled gently. We then took cover inside the Shangri-La lobby and grabbed some fun shots of the couple. Sure enough, when we were done at the Shangri-La the rain stopped and the skies gently cleared. We seized the moment and took the limo down to Coal Harbour, near the Convention Centre. This area is wonderful for photos and became a favourite of mine as the wedding season went on.

We got some beautiful portraits as well as some fun group shots. As a group these guys loved to joke around, so we took advantage of their playful personalities. Cindy and Jeff’s playful nature comes out in the photos, as does their sincere and genuine side. Even when they tried to be serious, a smile was always showing through… Cindy in particular loved to have her photo taken and has such a natural beauty to her.

From downtown we headed to Lonsdale Quay for a few more photos, on route to the reception at the Pinnacle Hotel. The wedding party was hungry so stopped in for bite to eat (french fries!) at the market. From there we headed back outside, where the wind had picked up. The wedding party was un-phased and we got a few beautiful shots of them overlooking the water and Vancouver in the background. The bridal party was then relieved of photo duties while Jeff and Cindy stayed behind to get a few more. We got some beautiful, playful portraits of them before heading into the hotel for the reception.

The reception was very fun, with lots of great speeches, guests singing songs to get the couple to kiss, and of course some great food and lots of dancing. Cindy and Jeff were a joy to be around and I’m happy to have been a part of their wedding day.