How to work with bright sun?

Q & A Wedding Photography

In this video I’m going to be talking about how Wedding Photographers deal with taking pictures on a bright sunny day. You may have heard that Wedding Photographers they’re always looking for overcast days; while the bride will be praying for sun on their wedding day and the photographer is praying for overcast. The reason for this is that bright sunny days, especially during the middle of the day pose some challenges for Wedding Photographers. The bright sun casts a lot of shadows and makes it difficult for photography and also it means that either the photographer is looking into the sun or the couple is looking into the sun which is causing them to be squinting and generally not very comfortable so a skilled photographer is able to work with this. I’ll never complain about a beautiful sunny day.

For me the ways that I deal with taking pictures in the middle of the summer on a bright sunny day is that I’ll often seek the shade and the shade offers a little bit of that overcast environment where the couple’s not squinting, they’re able to be comfortable, it’s a flattering light on their faces and generally an easier lighting environment to work with.

The other solution that I’ll have is to have the sun behind the couple and this means that the couple is backlit, the sun’s behind them and so they’re not squinting, they’re not uncomfortable, the sun’s not casting shadows on their faces and for me I have the technical experience and also high end cameras and lenses that are able to get great photos despite having the couple be backlit.

So these two solutions for me work well and allow me to get great photos whether it’s a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the afternoon or an overcast day, I feel confident that I can get great photos regardless and any skilled photographer with the technical expertise should be able to do this but it’s something to consider and something to maybe ask potential photographers about and what to look for in their portfolios is to see how they deal with taking photos in different environments and one of the most challenging environments is the middle of the day in the middle of the summer on a bright sunny day.