How Many Hours do we need the photographer for?

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How Many Hours do we need the photographer for?

When I’m meeting with potential clients, one of the concerns that they have or one of the questions that they have and one of the things that they’re trying to figure out is how many hours do I need a photographer for and for me I try to tell them that it’s not actually that important of a factor especially a year, a year and a half before the wedding. I don’t expect people to have their time line totally dialed in where they know exactly how long they might need me and what the schedule of the day might look like when it’s a year and a half or so before the wedding. For me I’m flexible with my time, I’m only taking one wedding in a day so whether in the end you need me for eight hours or nine hours or ten hours, for me its fine and it’s a marginally different price point or whatever so it’s not a huge budget concern and it’s not an area that I’m worried about so for me it’s an area that I’m able to be flexible with my clients which I find is helpful and it’s a bit of a relief for them to know that whether it turns out to be eight, nine, ten hours is totally fine with me.

When I first started out I would offer all day photography and some people took that to an extreme and would want me there seven in the morning to making coffee and I would be there you know, for seventeen hours or whatever and that was a little bit much so my normal packages are usually for eight to ten hours is a very standard amount of time, an excellent amount of time to really cover the whole day from start to finish. I want to be there to document what’s happening and I find that about eight to ten hours is a great amount of time and it’s something we can figure out at some point before the wedding, it doesn’t have to be at the initial booking process or you know a year or so before the wedding so something to keep in mind when you’re looking for a photographer that at least for me that’s an area that I’m able to be flexible with.