How Long is an Engagement Session?


There’s tons of options where you can do the pictures and it’s really a personal choice of what kind of a look and what kind of environment suits the couple. Some people are going to want to go to somewhere like Stanley Park or the Beach, somewhere with a more natural settings for the pictures, and then other people like a bit more of a Gastown or a Yaletown type of a feel, where you get a little bit of an urban look. Vancouver is just such an amazing place; you can be in Stanley Park or on a beach, and then five minutes later you can be in Gastown. Usually about an hour is a good amount of time for the photos, a little bit more or less is fine as well but that tends to be the right amount of time. Within that amount of time we can easily be in a few different locations to have a few different looks.

As far as the best time of year again it’s entirely up to the couple. The peak season for weddings is in the summer time, so a lot of people want to wait until the spring when the weather is a little bit nicer for the photos. Other people like the fall or winter, there’s something romantic about having your winter jacket and your scarf on for the engagement photos, and then knowing that the wedding is going to be in the summer and the photos of the wedding will in the summer weather.

Again, it’s entirely up to the couple. As long as we do them I think a month before the wedding at a minimum, it’s enough time for me to get the pictures back to the couple and perhaps maybe go over them and see what they like and didn’t like. Other than that it’s a personal preference of what kind of look you want.