How long do you need for getting ready shots?

I usually like to start my day with the bridal party and with the bride when she’s getting ready. For that usually the last hour or so of the getting ready process, maybe the last hour and a half, is lots of time for me. I can get some pictures of the dress before the dress goes on, and some of the details, and also some pictures of the hair and makeup with the bridal party.

So it’s nice, they might not be award winning photos that you’re getting at that time, but for me that’s a really important part of the day. For every wedding I want to document the day from the start to the finish and getting ready with your family and friends there is really an important part to document I think. I think you get some really nice candid shots, some nice shots of the hair getting done, and makeup going on. So, I think they’re worthwhile photos to get. Like I said, the last hour, hour and a half is a perfect amount of time.