How Do We Pose Properly for Photos?

Q & A Wedding Photographer
How do we Pose Properly for Photos?

Often when I will meet with couples they will have already have looked at my website and seen lots of different photos from lots of different weddings and they’ll appreciate and like this style of photography that I have, which is to capture people in a natural and candid way and to have photos that really look natural and have emotion and expression in them and what they’ll wonder is what did they have to do to get great photos like that, how did they have to pose, how do they have to act, how did they have to stand and this is a bit of a concern for them not knowing and not having a lot of experience of having their pictures taken.

So for me I’ll always tell them that all I need from my clients is for them to enjoy each other’s company and that’s about it. All they have to do is just be together, enjoy each other’s company and it’s up to me to find the right angles, to find the right light to get great photos. I will also offer guidance, gentle posing to my couples and I’ll create a safe environment where they can feel at ease and able to be themselves. So for me this is something that I don’t worry about. I know with even people who feel the most uncomfortable having their picture taken that within a very short period of time they feel relaxed, they feel comfortable and they’re able to just be themselves which is how you get the best photos. One of the ways to really ensure this and to gain confidence that you’re going to look great in your photos is to do an engagement session. This is one of the biggest benefits of doing engagement pictures is that you gain a little bit of experience and most importantly you gain the confidence that, wow, you look great in the pictures, we don’t need to know how to pose like a model or do anything fancy, we just need to be ourselves and enjoy each other’s company and we’re going to get great photos.