Celebrating over 10 years of wedding photography

Hiring a wedding photographer is an important decision. Through my 10 years of experience documenting weddings, I have developed and honed my skills to ensure that I capture and deliver the highest quality photographs.  When a couple hires me to be their photographer they are receiving a commitment and a dedication to document their wedding and tell their unique story.

Wedding photos are something you will cherish and look back on for years to come. They are part of your visual legacy. They hold the memories, the emotions and feelings of your wedding day, and offer a glimpse into who you were as a couple at the time you were married. You may one day show these photos to your curious children, who will want to know what you were like at this stage in your life.  Photographs are the one tangible reminder you will have of all the love and emotion that was present on your wedding day.


- Georgia Straight "Best of Vancouver" Awards

“I’m passionate about capturing the candid, unscripted moments that show the emotion and energy of the day.  These are the photos that tell the true story of a couple’s wedding and are the ones they will treasure for years to come.”