When I photograph events I am aware of my senses as much as possible. This allows me to be in touch with what’s happening around me and to follow my instincts.  Working in this way connects me to the subtle qualities and interactions of the individuals I am photographing. By following my instincts and being in touch with these subtle qualities I am able to capture the genuine moments of chemistry as they happen. When I take photos in this way the images are unique and personal.”

When I photograph bar and bat mitzvahs I have a few technical guidelines that I follow.  I like to photograph people using a shallow depth of field; this makes them stand out against the background and draws the viewers’ attention to their emotion and expression.  

I use a variety of lenses to capture different images.  I use telephoto lenses because they allow me to be far enough away to avoid drawing attention to myself, but close enough to clearly capture the moment.  Wide-angle lenses include more of the background and also capture spontaneous moments amongst bigger groups of people.  Using a variety of lenses offers the best coverage, documenting the intimate interactions while also capturing the overall energy of the event.