Do you shoot with a second photographer?

Q & A Wedding Photographer

When I first started photographing weddings about 10 years ago and for about 4 or 5 years after that, I shot about 90% of the weddings on my own and I was perfectly comfortable to do this with great results. For the past 5 years or so, these tables have turned and now about 90% of my weddings I’m shooting with a second photographer.

The second photographers that I have that who shoot with me are all professional photographers, who all own their own photography businesses, they just happen to have some weekends free or their schedules aren’t as full as they would like and they’re happy to shoot and gain the experience and help me with my weddings.

The big advantage of having a second photographer is that you have two set of eyes in different places. So, for the getting ready portion of the day, to start the day, usually I’ll be with the bride and my second shooter will be with the groom. Then we come together and we shoot the wedding together and there’s the advantage of, if I’m over here taking pictures of this, they can be other there taking pictures of that. You just have another set of eyes and another professional photographer taking pictures.

I think this is worthwhile, it’s not an essential thing but it is the norm now and something that I feel is valuable and worthwhile. I always tell my second photographers that I’m not relying on them for anything, I’m always shooting the wedding as if I’m the only photographer and any photos that I get from them are just a bonus. I’m lucky to have great photographers shoot with me and produce a lot of high quality images for me. So I think a second photographer is worthwhile and something that I do and have with about 90% of my weddings now.