Do we need a wedding planner?

Q & A Wedding Photographer

In this video I’ll be talking about working with Wedding Planners. Whenever I meet new couples I always ask them if they’re working with a Wedding Planner and if they’re not I’ll always recommend that they get one.

In my experience weddings that have a Wedding Planner working on them are better in almost every respect. You don’t necessarily need a Wedding Planner to do a full plan of the wedding if you have the time and energy and you want to find vendors yourself and plan some of the events yourself then that’s awesome and that will save you some money for sure. What you can do what I recommend to all of my couples is to at a minimum have a Wedding Planner as “a day of coordinator” and what that means is that the wedding planner will come on board about a month or two before the wedding and they’ll have a thorough checklist of everything that you need to have thought about or have covered before your wedding and you’ll be able to see what you’ve got done and it’ll maybe highlight a few things you didn’t think about that you need to get done and aside from that they’ll be there on the day helping to coordinate the event of the wedding. So they’ll help you to figure out the time line, what needs to happen when, who’s going to do it and then they’ll be there on the day to make sure that it’s flowing smoothly and this offers the couple and the family so much peace of mind, you know that everything has been thought of, you know that the timeline is in place and it’s been arranged by someone who knows what they’re talking about so that the guests aren’t sitting around bored or wondering what’s going to be happening next and if there’s any little problems on the day or things that need to be dealt with the couple and their family can know that they don’t have to worry about it or know about it and that the Wedding Planner is there to deal with it.

In my experience having a Wedding Planner not only offers peace of mind but the wedding is smoother and just it seems better in almost every respect so if you need help finding a Wedding Planner, I’ve got lots of great Wedding Planner friends and I’d be happy to recommend a few. I feel like at a minimum the “day of coordination” is highly worthwhile and doing.