Do we get the rights to the photos?

Q & A Wedding Photographer

After the wedding I’ll come home and sort through thousands of photos that I took at the wedding and I’ll narrow them down to about five to seven hundred of the best images that tell the real story of the day. Those five to seven hundred images are individually colour corrected, cropped and professionally retouched and I will deliver those files in high resolution to the clients. The client has the rights then to do whatever they would like with those photos. They can make their own prints, they can share them with friends, they can make their own books. They are totally yours to enjoy; for me this is important to offer to the client. If I was the client I would want this, I wouldn’t want to have to go to the photographer every time I wanted to make a print and I don’t want to be dependent on the photographer to make a book or to make a print because maybe I just don’t have the budget to pay someone else to do that or maybe I’m creative myself and I want to make my own book and design it the way that I like it. So for me it’s important to offer my clients all the images professionally retouched in high resolution and they are ready to print, they’re ready to make books and they’re ready to share with friends.

I obviously am happy to make books and prints for clients as well and certainly offer this as an option, feel that’s important as well but for my clients, I want them to have the ability to do that themselves if they want to.