Yaletown Engagement Photos

For Christy and Ken’s engagement session we first met in Stanley Park. Stanley Park is big and varied, with lots of nice spots for photos. We spent some time there and got some really nice images. Their dog made it’s way into a few of the shots before one of their friends relieved it from its duties!

Christy and Ken are a fun couple that like to laugh and joke around. They are also very loving with each other and clearly have a strong connection. I take pride in having their connection and playful nature come through in the photos.

After Stanley Park we made a quick stop in Yaletown, to get a few more shots. The sun was setting, which provided some beautiful light, as well as a rich and peaceful atmosphere. We mostly had the place to ourselves, which was really nice. In the end we got a variety of really strong shots, and a few gems that will serve as a lasting memory of this time in their lives.