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How To Get Photos Of Important Guests?

Q & A Wedding Photographer How To Get Photos of Important Guests? One thing that I’m able to offer my clients is a shot list of twenty people that are the most important to them that they can prepare and this is a way that I can ensure and really guarantee that you’re going to […]

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Does The Photographer Ride In The Limo?

Q & A Wedding Photographer Does the Photographer Ride in the Limo with us? One of the logistical questions that people have when they’re trying to figure out how the day’s going to flow and the photos are going to flow is they’re wondering how they’re going to get around and how the photographer’s going […]

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How Do We Pose Properly for Photos?

Q & A Wedding Photographer How do we Pose Properly for Photos? Often when I will meet with couples they will have already have looked at my website and seen lots of different photos from lots of different weddings and they’ll appreciate and like this style of photography that I have, which is to capture […]

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What do you use to Edit your Photos?

Q & A Wedding Photographer What programs do you use to edit your photos? Lately I’ve been noticing that a lot of my clients and potential clients are either hobby photographers themselves or people who just really love photography and they’re often asking me and are curious as to what my post processing workflow is […]

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