About us

This is a photo of my wife, Advah, moments before I proposed to her in October 2014.  She had the day off work, so I arranged a "date day" and took her to beautiful Whytecliff Park.  My plan was to set up my tripod and ask her to be in a photo I wanted to take for our living room.  So, there she stood.... I took this photo and then set my camera to automatically take a photo every few seconds.  The idea was to create a short, 30-second video of photo stills that were taken in 3 second intervals, like one of those kids' flip-books.  I had my camera set and planned to walk over to her and have the big moment documented on film.  She said, "YES," that’s the important thing!  In the end, this was my favourite photo and the image that captured the emotions I was feeling.  Having this moment documented reminds me how important and powerful one photo can be.

We got married on August 30th, 2015.

Photography is my passion

I started Josh Bowie Photography in 2006.  I was fortunate that my 3rd wedding was featured in Real Weddings Magazine.  I had a 3-page spread on the wedding, as well as a feature about me at the back of the magazine.  It was an honour to be recognized so early in my career and it reaffirmed that I was in the right profession.  I have spent my time since then fine-tuning my craft in order to take magazine-worthy images for every client. Since 2006 I have been featured in a number of high-end wedding magazines, including Real Weddings and Wedluxe Magazine, as well as many popular wedding blogs.  In 2010, I was the photographer of a wedding that won “Best Wedding in Canada” in the over $75,000 category.  I have now photographed over 100 weddings of all shapes and sizes and have gained the experience necessary to get amazing photos no matter what the size or theme of the wedding. To learn more about my approach and process, have a look at Our Process.

I would love to hear more about YOU and the ideas you have for your wedding.


[blank_space height=’2em’] I was raised in Vancouver, BC and played a lot of sports growing up.  I have both an athletic and artistic side that are my essential outlets.  I have also been fortunate to travel.  My desire to be a photographer started while traveling in New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, and India.  Even while traveling, I love to photograph people.  I have spent my life since then mastering my craft so that I can deliver the most memorable and highest quality photos. [blank_space height=’2em’]

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