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We know that hiring a vancouver wedding photographer is a big deal. When choosing a photographer, it’s hard to feel confident with what you’re going to get. What sets us apart at Josh Bowie Photography is we offer a 4-step process and a 4-point guarantee, so that you can hire us with confidence, knowing that you are going to get what you expect.

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“Thank you SO much for the gorgeous photos!!! Kyle and I are in awe of how beautiful they are. This is the first time we’ve seen anything from the wedding day so we’re EXTREMELY excited!! Everyone who has seen them has echoed our feelings regarding just how beautiful they are.”  

– Kyle & Keely





At our initial meeting we will walk you through our process and take the time to hear about your wedding and what you have envisioned for the day.  We have a detailed checklist that we use to record all of the essential details.  We will email you this checklist after our meeting, to summarize the details we have so far.  We make our booking process easy, so that you can cross another item off your to-do list.  We require a $1500 deposit to secure the date, and we have a contract that summarizes your package.  That’s all.  

Before your wedding we walk you through our 4-step process to ensure we are prepared!

1.  We will send you a “Wedding Info Sheet”, which contains the important details of the day, such as start times and location addresses.  This will help us to prepare for the day and be in the best possible position for key moments throughout the day.      2.  We have a document with “Essential Questions and Tips”.  This document helps us to understand what is most important to you, which guests are most important to you and also offers some of our best tips, so you can feel relaxed on your wedding day.      3.  We scout locations and plan our route, so there is no unnecessary stress and we get the best possible photos.      4.  Finally, we review our pre-wedding checklist, to ensure we are all on the same page.



On your wedding day we show up well dressed, with fully insured top-of-the-line camera gear.  We bring backup cameras and a handful of lenses.  Our variety of lenses allow us to best capture each different situation.  At times we will use long telephoto lenses, which allow us to get close-ups of people, while remaining unobtrusive.  At other times we use wide angle lenses, which show the environment and capture the mood of the wedding.  This range of lenses offers you the best possible coverage of the wedding, capturing the emotional facial- expressions, while also taking the bigger picture into consideration.  With 2 professional photographers you can be confident that the memorable moments are being captured.  We believe the best photos come from the uncontrived moments…

We allow the day to unfold naturally and are there to capture the memorable moments as they happen.  We will not ask you or your guests to do any cheesy or awkward poses!  We are not there to take-over and dictate your wedding, or to be the star of the show.  We are there to tell the story of your wedding day, much like a photojournalist would document an important event.  We are taking each photo with the purpose of telling the story of your day.

After the wedding we have a post-processing workflow to edit and retouch your images.  Our detailed workflow includes individually cropping, colour correcting and retouching each image.  We retouch each image in our signature style to ensure quality control and to produce a consistency throughout the images.  The result is between 500-700 carefully crafted and individually retouched images.  Your images will be delivered in high resolution, within 3 weeks of your wedding!  We also make it easy for you to share your images with friends and family by providing a password protected online gallery.  You can easily share the online gallery with whomever you choose.



We have a variety of wedding albums available, all of which are designed in-house with the images of your choice.  We can also make prints, thank you cards and other options from from our MENU.

We want our clients to be thrilled with their images and to feel taken care of throughout the process.  We value our clients and want them to be clients for life.  As your family grows, we want to be there, capturing your life’s memorable moments.


We are confident in our work and want you to be confident in your decision to hire us. Here is our 4-point guarantee to you:

1.  We guarantee that we will not ask you, your family or your guests to do any cheesy or awkward poses.  Don’t worry, we won’t embarrass you or your guests with cheesy or awkward poses.  We believe in allowing the day to unfold on it’s own, and capturing moments naturally.

2.  We guarantee a 20-person shot list, ensuring that you have photos of the people who are most important to you.


3.  We guarantee your images will be professionally retouched and delivered within 3 weeks of your wedding.  We know you are excited to receive your photos and we don’t think you should have to wait 6 months to see them. We individually retouch each image with our signature style, ensuring that you have the highest quality photos, each one carefully prepared and ready to print.

4.  We guarantee that we will take every step necessary to protect your images.  Our equipment is top-of-the-line, resulting in the best possible quality and also the most reliability and security.  We follow a strict multi-step production process so you can relax knowing that your images are secure and protected.





“Thanks Josh!!! These are so great, we really LOVE them. You did such a great job coping with us… and the dog… LOL.”    – Peter & Jen       jenpeter